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Sun Fei was an Otaku from Earth who was reborn in the body of Alexander the young King of Chambord Kingdom.



Alexander is about 6 feet tall. His shoulder-length black hair was bundled to the back of his head by a ruby hair ring. His handsome, manly face and ripped body could make any women fall for him.


Alexander was born the Third Prince of the Zenit Empire and the son of Yashin and Julie. When he was born, a phenomenon occurred and rumors spread that he was a God-King reincarnation and that he would unify the continent. This incurred the anger of many powerful forces, causing them to hunt Alexander down. They attacked the Imperial Palace of the Zenit Empire, killing Alexander's mother Julie, and injuring Alexander, making him retarded. A subordinate of Yashin's, Mushnikov, was able to escape the palace with Alexander and take him to the Chambord Kingdom where he replaced the current king's son.


.Name .Status
Paul Pierce Gold Saint of Capricorn
Didier Drogba Gold Saint of Taurus
Frank Lampard Gold Saint of Leo
Peter Cech Gold Saint of Scorpio
Fernando Torres Gold Saint of Sagittarius
Aryang Robbin Gold Saint of Aquarius
Gordon Brook Gold Saint of Libra
Buenos Dessler Gold Saint of Aries
Philip Inzagi Gold Saint of Gemini
Warden Oleg Gold Saint of Cancer
Sid Akinfeev Gold Saint of Pisces
Jessie Gold Saint of Virgo
Frank Ribry General
Emile Husky Guard of King
Elena Wife/Warrior
Hazel Bank Undead Mage
Arthur Undead Dragon