According to legends on the Azeroth Continent, thousands of years ago Gods and Demons ruled the Azeroth Continent. Both races were very powerful. Since the beginning of their existence, they had fought and battled against each other. The war lasted more than tens of thousands of years. Gods and Demons battled across the continent and the ruins of war spread across the whole continent. However, the ruins were slowly buried by in dust over time afterwards, the two powerful races of Gods and Demons suddenly disappeared mysteriously from Azeroth Continent. After a long period of time, the human race slowly rose.

The Azeroth Continent is gigantic. Storys say that even the gods can’t travel through the whole continent. The continent is home to many empires that are ranked from 1 to 9 with 9 being the largest and strongest. There are belived to be thousands of weak level one empires on the continent.

Empires of the Azeroth Continent Edit

Level 9

  • Barcelona Empire - Number one empire on the Continent
  • Manchester Empire - Master Matt-Busby created the Manchester Empire after he discovered a great Mythical Ruins and acquired of its resources.
  • Milan Empire
  • Chelsea Empire
  • Anfield Empire

Level 6

  • Dulin Empire - Destroyed
  • Leon Empire

Level 4

  • Eindhoven Empire

Level 3

  • Lyon Empire

Level 2

  • Jax Empire

Level 1

  • Zenit Empire
  • Spartac Empire
  • Light Empire
  • Saint Germain Empire