Located in the north of the Zenit Empire it is ranked a sixth ranked kingdom which is the lowest. As such can only have less than 10,000 citizens, 500 soldiers, only one castle and less than 500 acres of land. Also, level 6 affiliated kingdoms can only have two star ranked energy training scrolls and two star ranked energy technique scrolls.  So the Kingdom is looked down on by most other countries and empires due to being a small backcountry with few locales warriors and no mages. But it was not alwas like this the Kindom used to be a leval 4 kingdom and befor that was an ancent ruin bult by others in the past. It is still very impresive the castle has a complex terrain that could frustrate any invaders with a dangerous moat and a firm defence wall. The dark water prison located in the back mountain actually contains an ancient ruins from the time of God's and demons.