Zenit’s territory is in a rough trapezoid shape. Most of the eastern territory was along the ocean shore as [Shiver Ocean] was located next to Zenit. Spartax was to the south of Zenit, and a smart part of the southern border was connected with Eindhoven. To the west, there was Jax. Chambord was on the northern end of Zenit. There was a huge area of mountains to the north of Chambord.

The Zenit Empire is made up of 244 affiliated kingdoms  that were set up in six levels. Like a pyramid, there were ten level 1 affiliated kingdoms, twenty level 2 affiliated kingdoms, thirty level 3 affiliated kingdom, forty level 4 affiliated kingdoms, sixty level 5 affiliated kingdoms, and eighty-four level 6 affiliated kingdoms. The affiliated Kingdoms are also divided in to 5 groups based on location North, South, East, West and Center.